Disable Forced Encryption Permanently for Pocophone F1

Many users right now are facing issues with respect to the force encryption in Poco F1. Encrypted phone which contains all of your personal data and can only be decrypted by flashing some dfe.zip file or at worst case wiping entire internal storage to break out of password is a mess which no one wants to deal with.

What is forced encryption?

Forced encryption is basically encoding of your data to protect it from other users to access if incase your phone gets stolen and culprit wants to wipe your data so that he/she can further use it without any issues as phone will not get tracked via any means or any data. In such cases if culprit tries too wipe out your data via recovery then your recovery will ask for your password to unlock and gain access to data wiping process.

Though this seems nice but this has created a big problem for flashaholics like us. So the given solution will assure your device encryption free forever.

How to flash Pitch Black Recovery Project?


  • Download latest twrp recovery.zip and pbrp.zip file (Link Below )
  • Flash the twrp (latest one) in case you haven’t
  • Now go to recovery, wipe cache and dalvik and flash pbrp.zip
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Enjoy!


Latest TWRP for Poco F1 (XDA Link): https://forum.xda-developers.com/poco-f1/how-to/recovery-official-twrp-t3883736

Pitch Black Recovery Project for Poco F1 (Official Site): https://pbrp.ml/

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