Neuralink: The Future is now!

AI can take over the world it actually feels like, when you’re able to merge with it…isn’t it? Last week Elon Musk’s confidential brain chip company “Neuralink” conducted a two hours long livestream where they revealed their secretive project on which they’re working on since many years. So let’s have a look from software and hardware both perspective that how would be this in execution state, it’s benefits and how this project will drive humans and their lifestyle to next level.

Elon Musk: Founder of Neuralink Brain chip company
Image Source: Analytics India Magazine

As per the statement given by Elon in his live stream, the main goals and focus of this project was to Understand and work effectively on brain disorders, enhancement and preservation of brains and to create a better future for every living human out there. At first the project has been tested on some living specimens like rats, dogs, monkeys and in 2020 they will be testing live on humans but before that they need the approval of FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Before we go deep inside the working and architecture of this device, let me tell you that this project is the advancement or more specific say improved version from past projects like in the year 2005 there was a patient with spinal cord paralysis who was unable to do any activity but with the help of neural link interface he was able to control the cursor of computer with his mind for eg: if you draw letter “M” in your mind the letter would be rendered on computer screen within seconds on the other hands the development of robotic arms also includes the interface of neural linkage with human brain.

The neuralink device is actually an electrode which was further developed in the phases of versions and in the span of just 2 years they created more than 7 versions of such chips and now they created their final chip as an device. The final version of chip is almost 8mm in diameter and 1024 electrodes which is almost 1000x more than usual. Each electrode is able to simulate and control the electrical spikes in the neural activity of brain and human brain has over 300 million of these neurons which communicate

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with each other which help you feel and control the natural world with the help of sensory organs which includes controlling mood, feeling something or being creative by sense or say being humorous, serious, sentimental or rage monster haha…whatever you do is in all the combined results which comes from this neurons. Coming back to the working then each human will have four in set of these sensors which are called as “n1 sensors” which are connected by thread which are even much smaller than the human hair to your brain. Further there will be a robotic device which very precisely drill down a very small amount equivalent to nanometer of diameter a hole which will go drilling down avoiding interference of all the sensitive blood vessels.

The chip contains analog pixels, five times smaller which which sense and amplify the neural signals before the conversion of those signals to digital bits. One analog pixel is capable to capture about 20,000 samples per second

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with resolution of over ten bits making it 200 megabits per second of neural data which is being recorded. This whole mechanism will be further controlled wirelessly via bluetooth with battery powered bluetooth device which is called as “Link”. The chipset itself will be having firmware components which serve a purpose each of them like

1) Stimulation

2) Electrode Diagnostics

3) Power Management

4) Amplification of analog signals

5)Management of Power

6) Conversion of Analog – Digital and vice-versa of signals

7) Processing Logic for assurance of clear signal

On the other hand they have also developed an app to control this device. The app as shown in conference is iOS based application hoping to made available on cross platform.

iOS based app for controlling all the activities of chip
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That’s cool…what about more specific applications?

Let’s come towards mental health, we can develop an app which can be based on getting rid of anxiety and depression within few minutes seconds without actually investing years of practice or habitat. We can get rid of deadly disease and get out of depressions and traumas easily within a snap umm….more like a thanos’s snap!

Now coming towards physical health we can focus or divert completely our cravings or wanting to eat unhealthy food towards the healthy food which is beneficial and important for the healthier lifestyle again within a less period of time very efficiently. Love Painting but have no time to improve that skill via practice? Don’t worry Neuralink will got it covered! you can jus t easily download these skills from internet easily and get it trained of about 10 thousand hours of training in just 10 seconds and boom! you’re done with skill of painting. In terms of education you can download any textbook, papers and train your network and yes you’re skilled in that domain you always wanted to be within seconds. Basically you can be expert in anything you want very easily.

Coming to the conclusion, then the future of neuralink will help humans to build better connections, health, relationships, acquiring knowledge, getting to know people and much more. In terms of negative uses we have to completely redefine the review process of software which would be much and much better which we have today.

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