IBM’s “Predictive Attrition Program” can predict employee flight risk with 95% accuracy

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IBM HR can now predict which workers are about to quit their job with an accuracy of 95% using Artificial Intelligence.

According to Rometty, CEO of IBM; IBM has been improvising its AI technologies steadfast to retention of its employees.

Prediction Attrition Program developed with Watson, predicts which employees are about to quit their jobs and prescribes actions for managers to captivate the employees. Officially, IBM has declared that the accuracy percent is in the range of 95%. However, “the secret sauce” that enabled such effective results by AI cannot be revealed. The model analyzes several data points to reach to such an efficient prediction.

To defeat the conventional approach to HR management, AI retention tool is made a part of suite of IBM products. The tech giant has reduced its global HR department size by upto 30%. This AI retention tool has by far saved IBM $300 million in retention costs.


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