This is how Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence had impact on Indian Healthcare Areas

AI and Machine Learning are used widely in the field of pharmacy and healthcare since many years. Also, at the same time more and huge number of medical practitioners are stepping towards the pathway of AI and Machine Learning and also many institutions too are focusing and practicing these techniques for providing precision in services.

Talking about the role of AI and other emerging technologies in shaping of the medical field, the Life Sciences and healthcare leader of Deloitte in India, Charu Sehgal says:

Adding infrastructure and medical professionals alone will not be able to solve India’s huge unmet needs in healthcare. It needs to be supported by technology. An effective and innovative use of medical technology, has the potential of increasing access, significantly reducing the burden of disease and the load on healthcare delivery services through early diagnosis, better clinical outcomes, less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times.

Charu Sehgal- Life Sciences and Healthcare Leader Deloitte, India

Behalf of this increasing potential of AI nowadays, government institutes like All India Medical Institute (AIIMS) is putting AI & ML into Research for their subjects. The researcher’s squad from the national Brain Research Centre (NBRC) and Neuroimaging and Neurospectroscopy Laboratory (NINS) also put AI into practise for detection of Alzheimer’s disease in a very early stage.

Providing Better Medical Services

In India, The NITI Aayog has laid the first ever AI strategy for large scale adaptation of the technology. The company is right now launching a repository of annotated and curated pathology images, which can help onychopathologist help use ML to its data set called as Digital Pathology, for detection of cancer in very early stage.

Providing Better Medical Education

AI and ML is providing better medical education as per the court hearing which took place in the year of 2018, the Supreme court suggested that thet the advanced technologies like AI & ML should be put into execution into medical colleges by having verification from MCI (Medical Council of India).

Source: Analytics India Magazine

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