Fighting fake news on the blockchain

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A growing number of blockchain-based organizations want to combat the so-called “fake news” they see as a product much bigger — and longstanding — issue glowed by the “attention economy” of the World Wide Web that is WWW that has led to the modifications, alterations and, at times, plagiarism of content to attract people from search traffic on the search engines.

“Working in a pipeline, many publishers tried to catch attention with fake titles and indecent content, steal and use other people’s articles to gain traffic and profits,” write’s founders in the company’s white paper. “These bad behaviors, which have been driving out good ones, have seriously squeezed the living space for producers of quality content and wreaked great havoc on society.”

Thus we can have a solution on Blockchain to tackle this fake news problem by having solutions like:

Incentives for Truth

Many blockchain-based news ecosystems use tokens to give authors incentives to publish accurate news and reviewers to verify it. Conversely, both risk losing tokens or reputation if they publish fake news or try to game the system by validating it. Trive, for example, uses language about the “Nash equilibrium” and game theory to describe a vast ecosystem of fact checkers who will be rewarded through its token. They will be afraid of losing their reputation if they let untruths slip by.

Decentralized Decisions

Primas, for example, plans to develop a blockchain-based metadata protocol called Decentralized Trusted Content Protocol, or DTCP, that it hopes will “become the standard of content metadata utilized by the whole content industry.” Participants would pay the network’s token to publish each article, in return receiving a tamper-proof record of when and by whom it was published which would be stored on the blockchain. Along with assuring the validity of the source of a piece of news, this process also could help address plagiarism and piracy, the company says.

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