Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: The changing shape of Future

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The field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is growing and Evolving rapidly. From the past many years, the research of many data scientists and researchers made this happened that today AI & ML is on the top-notch development amongst all developments in the field of technology today.

AI nowadays has become an integral part of our life. Right from the morning we wake up from our bed we need our personal AI assistants to set daily schedule or reminders and so on. Without its life would possibly be difficult but surely be hectic. Looking towards the development of AI & ML here are some of the fields where AI had grounded their flags into.

Speech / Language

Speech recognition and translation algorithms are on the top of the list, as when we talk about AI the very first picture which comes into an mind is personal and automated assistants/ bots. Crossing over the accuracy of over 95% Google had their accuracy of over 98% now over their AI based personal assistant known as Google Assistant. As increase in the usage of these assistants, more data made available for machines t learn more and give more accurate results than expected from AI based assistants.

Job sector

Many new job opportunities in the field of AI & ML came into existence as per the increasing demands in this field. Also, on the other hand, many jobs will be done by automated machines and algorithms itself. Amazon too is working on this by testing drones to deliver couriers and do COD for their customers. Many customer care services are now replaced with chatbots which are taking away jobs of many employees working in BPOs or Backoffice.


While we do shop on online shopping stores, we leave behind large amount of data. E-Commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart make use of this data to predict your future interests letting them to show you shopping suggestions and recommendations on the homepage of your account on the shopping websites. Increase in profits and also filtered choices of customers which would be given by algorithm itself proved to be one of the biggest revolutionary development for E-commerce websites.


 Saving lives of people and predicting the death or last stage of any disease before occurrence was just an imagination before AI. AI based robots giving much accurate results on the basis of data made available from the patients which would be the past or you can say historic data and by using the technique called as supervised learning, its possible to predict also to train machines to operate victims having critical diseases, doing surgeries and bringing them back to their life.

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