Now These AI-Powered tools, will help candidates to get into their Dream Job

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As the growth and hype of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is increasing rapidly like a forest fire, many organizations adopted this techniques not only for their own business purpose but also for recruiting people by using tools based on AI & Machine learning. What if we tell you that in near future, your job interviews will be taken by automated AI Bot and they will tell you in a much humanly and less of robotic voice as” Congratulations, you are hired!” sounds creepy right? But future is all about it.

Here are some most widely and noticeable AI-Powered tools used for interview


Basically, Mya is an AI based bot can say as assistant, which helps hiring teams of firms which lets to build trust and confidence with candidates through dynamic, much natural and frank conversations. Mya uses Deep learning algorithms which helps to deliver actual human like conversations.


HireVue is another widely used tool by recruiters. It uses a combination of voice via voice recognition software and also facial recognition software. Using ML algorithm, the platform is able to determine that which candidate is an ideal candidate or deserve the particular position or job in a company. By using features such as body language, keywords, the tone of the voice during the time of interview. Once the algorithm analyses candidates it let know the recruiter that whether candidate is fit to be recruited or not.


Taking 4 parameters into consideration, AutoView is an AI powered bot which takes interview of candidates. The 4 parameters such as facial expressions, gestures, sentimental analysis based on the voice and textual data, ability required. Another best part is that the platform is available 24hrs as per his/her convenient time, student can take the interview. is another AI powered interview bot just like AutoView which works on the basis of facial expressions and sentimental analysis. But unlike AutoView , can conduct both online and offline interviews. The questions can be set by recruiter based on his/her choice which can also be rewind or played back for in detail analysis.

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